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Are you a local business looking for a new way to get in front of potential customers?

Be One of the Smart Ones with Your Advertising “in the Bag!”

Are you a locally-owned business or professional service having trouble competing with the big box stores and “chain” companies? Do you find it hard to get your information directly into the hands of potential customers, especially in fast-growing communities where new neighborhoods are popping up almost weekly? Are you committed to your community, wanting to be more than just another nameless, faceless business?

You’re exactly who we’re looking for! We’re eager to introduce your business to New Residents who are moving in. And we want to do it in a unique, old-fashioned way.

Housewarmers affiliate owners are hands-on folks who are active in the community. They are passionate about making Newcomers feel welcome and connected. Housewarmers are in business to make a difference, and that is worthwhile for every local business owner. Let us promote your business with a proven track record of success as an effective means of advertising. Our gift bag brings together a collection of local businesses and services eager to greet new residents.

Included with each Housewarmers gift bag:

  • A personal warm welcome
  • Gifts and promotional items from local businesses like yours
  • Community Guide book with local information on city government, schools, organizations and more
  • Gift Certificate booklet inviting new residents to visit each business
  • Brochures, menus and marketing information from our bag sponsors
  • The friendly assurance to new residents that the community is a great place to live
  • The opportunity to subscribe to the monthly email newsletter filled with local events and community activities

Your New Best Friend Cleaning Service is a 10 year old residential/light commercial cleaning company head-quartered in Allen. As a new business starting out in the challenging year of 2009, we tried many different forms of advertising to get the word out about our wonderful company. For the past 5 years we have ONLY advertised with Housewarmers of Allen. As soon as the welcome bags drop, our phones start ringing.

Linda Munson and her team do an exceptional job of promoting local businesses who advertise with Housewarmers. I receive many calls where the conversation begins with “I met Linda or a member of her team” and your company came highly recommended for cleaning!!! Housewarmers has gone above and beyond to assist me in growing my business!!

If you are not using her services for advertising, you are missing a great opportunity for business growth!!

Laurie Aylor

Owner, Your New Best Friend Cleaning Service

New Residents are High-Value Customer Prospects

The US Postal Service calls the weeks following a move the “hyper-spend” period, when New Residents spend an average of $7,100 on relocation-related goods. That includes everything from new furniture to take-out food.

Many of these folks have to establish new business relationships on everything from a dentist to a dog-groomer. If they are new to the area, then finding out who to trust can be difficult. It’s a golden opportunity if you know how to reach them.

That’s where Housewarmers comes in!

When a Housewarmers Greeter hands over a red welcome bag, it’s with the assurance that the businesses represented inside are recommended. You’ll know that we’re proud to represent you.

Furthermore, our “Preferred Business” status means each category is industry-exclusive. We will only have one representative of each business in our Housewarmers bag. We are only recommending YOU! That means you reach new residents ahead of your competition!

Learn more about becoming a Housewarmers Gift Bag Preferred Business! Call us at (214) 642-4301 , or fill out our convenient online form and we’ll respond right away.

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